Mini Red Pepper Cotton Cord in Sterling Silver and Enamel – Black


“Spicy and fascinating, the perfect match! The benefits of chili peppers are not known by everyone: it activates your digestion, it’s an anti-inflammatory, and apparently an antidepressant. It will keep you healthy, full of energy and in a good mood. Moreover, a pepper brings luck. The green color has a very positive meaning because it represents abundance of money and luck in the general sense of the term. Details: Boule necklace in sterling silver 925 hypoallergenic (nickel free), Italy handmade, 1 mm ball chain, safety clasp with snap hook, measuring 42 cm and scratchproof fired enamels. All Gioielli DOP are handmade by passionate Italian craftsmen in Tuscany and guaranteed for 2 years.”



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