Brindiamo! International

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 ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

For the past 12 years, Brindiamo! has been dedicated to sharing Italy’s culture, lifestyle, and cuisine with its viewers.
After thoroughly exploring Italian cuisine in New York City and other parts of the world, Brindiamo! It is broadening its coverage by adding fine restaurants with an international flavor.
Brindiamo! will be exploring restaurants in New York City with roots across the globe. Covering as many cuisines as possible, Brindiamo! will provide its viewers with an opportunity to learn about different cultures and lifestyles. Not only will excellent international restaurants be featured, but well-known Italian chefs will often cameo in episodes and “co-host” alongside Ornella Fado.
The International Edition will be a great opportunity for restaurants throughout New York City to be promoted through Brindiamo!’s various channels and for them to reach Brindiamo!’s loyal fans and viewers. In addition, the international edition will provide the Brindiamo! Community with a diverse exploration of restaurants, cultures, and cuisines. The show will also develop a charitable component to give back to the people of New York City.